What mobile device do I need?

You will need an iPhone with FaceID for our App to work

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will have to return the scanning aid before cancelation

What if my scanning aid gets damaged

It will need to be repaired at your cost. We will do an online evaluation via webcam and try and see if we can solve anything remotely, but if not, it will need to be returned and we will quote you for the repair. The scanning aids are very robust and easy to repair so don't worry about costs.

What if the shoe doesn't fit the customer?

Fyous is repsonsible for any defects or fit problems with the shoes. We will work with you to resolve any issues or manage the customer independantly if you wish.


We will accept free returns and remake if there is a defect or fit problem with the product. We cannot accept returns if the customer doesn't like the look of the product when they get it. It is made bespoke to them and thus we cannot resell it.

How can I track shipping?

We will keep your customer up to date with shipping and tracking information. Shipping usually takes 2 weeks from order.

What support and help do I get?

With your subscription you get 24hr support with your scannig aid, sample kit and app.