Our Mission

What Fyous are doing, and how we are going to make serious waves in the industry

Our Mission

In times gone by shoes were a utility.

An essential tool you could not be without. And they were made, for you, and only you. They carried your identity in every step. Today, we have an industry concerned only with volume - a fast fashion model unconcerned with fit and scaled for the masses.

As a result waste piles high and our planet is suffering. What we choose to protect our feet with should be a choice integral to our identity and to our comfort. A decision made with careful consideration for enhancing form, support, and endurance.

Step into a revolutionary footwear concept – one which dismantles a wasteful and constricting fashion approaches and puts you firmly back at the centre. We have developed a product and manufacturing process that represents a new chapter in footwear.

Using just the phone in your pocket you can produce a scan of your foot which we will then use to produce a bespoke piece of footwear that fits you and you alone. Not in weeks or months, but in days. Enabled by our proprietary invention, Polymorphic Moulding. You are unique, so why settle for being one of many? Our products are designed with lean manufacturing, with made-on-demand in mind.

We don’t make thousands of the same product, we produce when your order comes in. This means we do not have wasted inventory, overstock, scrap material, or masses of cheap labour. Our products are designed with efficiency in mind and waste is at a minimum to reduce the burden on an environment under enough pressure already.

This is a shoe that works with your body, not against it. A shoe as individual as you are. Your feet are like your fingerprints. They identify you. It is time you set them free and reclaimed your identity.

Thomas & Josh