Exhibiting at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA 25th, 26th and 27th of June 2024

The problem

To make a high performance bike saddle from carbon fiber and PU (polyurethane) would need two moulds / tooling. One for the carbon fibre part and then one for the PU foam part. If you were making the moulds in-house, you might be able to produce them in a day but then that tooling would be wasted or need storing once finished with, or if you need to iterate the design. 

The solution

PolyMorphic moulding would allow you to make both parts from the same piece of tooling rapidly with zero tooling waste. What does rapidly mean? Fyous and PolyMorphic moulding made both moulds/tooling in 60 minutes. The foam was cast, and the carbon was laid up and left to cure for 3 hours under a vacuum at 60 degrees and then left for another 12 hours. This process removes the cost of tooling for making these parts with a 24-hour turnaround and very little labour.

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