Company Bio

Fyous, Founded in Sheffield by Joshua Shires and Thomas Bloomfield in October 2020, was created to eradicate standard footwear sizes and make fast, affordable and fashionable custom-fit footwear. It was once common place that everyone's footwear would be custom made. However the industrial revolution made us sacrifice our individuality in pursuit of efficiencies and profit margins that are possible from mass manufacturing.

Fyous invented; Polymorphic moulding is the key to being able to deliver on this goal. It is a new trade secret moulding technology where a mould can be infinitely reconfigurable and reused in 1 minute, allowing fyous to replicate mass manufacturing while producing unique-sized custom footwear economically.

To enable this the Fyous 3D scanning app allows you to scan your feet directly from your smartphone. The scan captures precise point cloud measurements of your feet. Automatic measurements are then put into a machine learning model to generate the correct custom manufacturing files for each trainer.