Careers at Fyous

We are Fyous (pronounced fuse). And we are a UK start-up based in Sheffield, revolutionising footwear forever with affordable and fast custom-fit trainers. Fyous has invented a new manufacturing method called "PolyMorphic Moulding." Utilising 3D scanning on your mobile and our proprietary PolyMorphic technique to produce custom made, perfectly fitting trainers in minutes, not months. After our recent relocation to Sheffield, we are set to boost our production capacity and capabilities, and develop our new footwear. It is an exciting time for Fyous, with significant expansion on the horizon.

Current Vacancies

Sorry there are no roles open at the moment

Please check back here as we are rapidly growing and therefore will need great people like you very soon. If you are an individual searching for a role and really keen to work at Fyous, (and not an agent) then please feel free to reach out to find out more.