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How does it work?

Upload your 3D model

All you need is a 3D model. Just like 3D printing.

Object surface point mapper

Fyous proprietary software calculates all the pin positions for a given 3D model surface.

PolyMorphic Moulding

Once the 3D model has been processed. Our PolyMorphic moulding machine actuates all the pins moving them rapidly into position automatically.

Polymorphic Moulding is automated rapid shapeshifting moulding technology.

It enables one moulding tool to be used for an unlimited number of geometries in order to;

- Create bespoke tooling in minutes not weeks
- Create parts 14 times faster than 3D printing.
- Create custom-made products in a cost effective manner.

- Go straight into production after prototype approval.

- Digitise your mould stock.

Plus we achieve all of this with a zero-waste, fully sustainable process. See our Case Study page for an illustration of how this technology can improve the lives of patients with diabetes.

To discuss how you can apply this technology to your world, please use Contact Us

Moulding the future

Our mission is to deliver a revolutionary moulding technology that will disrupt prototyping and manufacturing sectors worldwide. Using Polymorphic Moulding to rapidly create accurate moulds for tooling will reduce time to market for a huge array of products, plus unlock commercial viability for desirable products which currently have no cost-effective manufacture method.

Our mission is to deliver this disruption whilst also saving the planet. Polymorphic Moulding is a zero-waste technology where raw materials are conserved and the moulds can be used again and again. We will remove not only physical waste in the form of materials and tooling, but also remove wasted time by accelerating product development, prototyping and manufacture efficiencies. 

The technology has demonstrated a small percentage of its potential via our work to improve custom-made diabetic footwear, but for us this is just the start of the journey. We believe this technology can be applied to a limitless number of products and sectors - lets talk about your challenge next!