It was only recently that I discovered that the slightly painful red bumps next to my big toes are bunions. I wasn't simply unaware of what they were, but I also didn't realise they were an actual problem. Foot health has never been something that I overly concerned myself with, but I've discovered a few things about my feet and overall health since leaving my 20s.

 Women's bunions

Much like any young girl in the prime of her life, getting glammed up in party dresses and high heels was a routine part of my weekends. Unfortunately, walking around in pointy heels is considered a normal part of this routine, and the even more widely accepted fact about this is the pain these shoes cause.

Though I don't believe I've worn high heels as often as other friends or acquaintances, I also didn't better the fit of my shoes once my lifestyle tamed down. As I have naturally wide feet, I noticed that most of the shoes I owned were pointed and narrowed at the toe cap, which meant that my toes spent most of their day crushed together into the form of the shoes.

Before the pandemic, I had a full-time job as a primary school teacher, which, unlike an office job where you can sit at a desk for a good part of the day, I spent countless hours on my feet running after young children. I would get home in the evenings and bask in the joy I felt upon taking off my shoes and diving onto the couch. Throw ill-fitting shoes into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for bunions.

I started noticing pain and soreness around the bunion area after long hours of standing or walking in narrow shoes or heels. This pain would be further exacerbated by simply running in "comfortable" trainers at the gym. I also realised that the pain would radiate from the toes to the midfoot area. However, I didn't take the pain seriously since it was never long-lasting, nor did it cause me any serious difficulty or inconvenience.

Fast forward to post-COVID times, my feet have taken a much-needed break from heels and occasion wear. I have realised, though, that they have also become much less tolerant of narrow shoes. So, after doing extensive research into bunions and looking at countless horrific images of the potential harm they can do to your feet, I decided to take the "better safe than sorry" approach and start taking better care of my feet.


After some research into barefoot shoes and their reaped benefits, I decided to try Fyous--a company dedicated to making custom fit and made-to-order shoes. These shoes are designed using each person's feet measurements, making them an excellent option for my wide, slightly bunioned feet.


I have since tried their two products, the Fyous Genesis and the Sport. The Genesis shoe has become my go-to when going to the grocery store or going out for a brisk walk as they seem to melt into my feet like socks. Though a bit on the softer side since my feet have become accustomed to stiffer shoes, they tend to lack some support when my feet naturally twist or turn. Despite this, my toes no longer feel squished into the shoe, and I forget I'm wearing them as I go about my day.


The Fyous Sport is their newest product, and I believe this will become my new go-to trainer. As a new company, I know they have a ways to go regarding the refinement of their shoes, and there are still a couple of things that I would change about them. For one thing, I'm not accustomed to the amount of room my feet have yet, so when walking in these trainers, my feet feel as if they have a bit more work to do with each step. I also wish there was a bit more of a curve at the waist of the shoe to provide more of a shape to it. However, as these shoes are entirely custom-made, these refinements and adjustments are attainable. The selling point has been the unmatched toe room available in this shoe, which doesn't make me feel like kicking them off the minute I get home to relieve the bunion pain other shoes cause.

 Fyous custom made, custom fit shoes for bunions

It's taken a while for me to get used to the feeling of barefoot shoes, though I don't miss the indents that other shoes would leave on my feet or the lack of blood flow they would cause. I've noticed reduced redness and soreness on the side of my big toes, making me confident that I've found shoes that will prevent my bunions from progressing.