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Well, it's been a hectic few months at Fyous (fuse). So, we have lots to update you on. Details of our new facility, new team members, an updated website with a fun, informative quiz, and exciting investment news. Warning, expect lots of footwear puns, both intended and not.

The big move

We have recently moved from where it all began in Chesterfield to the steel city better known as Sheffield. This is a big step, pun intended, for Fyous. Our old facility was busting at the seams and limiting our abilities to improve capacity and quality.

The new facility is located in the industrial heartland of Sheffield, just off Carlisle street. The facility is just over 2000 square feet and will eventually be home to our in-house foot health and biomechanics clinic. You will be able to come and get your feet analysed in person and made to your specification based on your needs.

New starters

For the last couple of months, we have been rigorously interviewing for a sales and marketing manager and production staff. We had some fantastic candidates apply. After much deliberation, we would like to introduce our new head of sales and marketing, David O'Malley. He is a footwear veteran or shoe dog, as they like to say in the industry. David spent his foremost years building the Timberland brand in the U.K. and then crushed it at k-swiss and Rocket Dog. When asked why he wanted to join our high-risk venture, he said. "It is the first time I have seen something fundamentally different in the footwear industry in all my career."

new starters David and Rosie

New website

We like the phrase "game changer" at Fyous, and the new website is just that. We have made a strategic change at Fyous; we want to focus on health and comfort. We will then use that foundation to build the best performance shoes in the coming years. Therefore, we have changed our branding slightly on the website and implemented a custom-fit shoe quiz (Try it here). It enables you to configure your trainer from answers to simple questions. I.e. Do you have pain, or wide feet?

We have also implemented the beginnings of our new podiatrist partnership area. Podiatrists can now offer our trainers and help their patients configure them to alleviate pain and improve function. In the coming weeks, we will have a dedicated pod-portal. Foot health practitioners can sign up for our service, get a 3D foot scanning aid on subscription, and supply our footwear.

New website design

Investment round

Hopefully, you made it this far because this is the really big news. Last month we managed to secure and finalise our second seed investment round. We raised £450,000!!!

Thank you to all the Angel investors who participated in the round. This second round of funding has enabled the above and will provide the finance to take us into the next production and sales phase. Within 6 months, we will smash our new milestones and raise our series A round to fund more automation and production capacity. So, watch this space!

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