Exhibiting at Formnext Frankfurt, 19 – 22 November 2024

The mission is the same, but the path to complete it has changed

If you are reading this, you may notice you cannot buy any products. This is because we have paused production while we focus on building our new polymorphic moulding machine which will enable the future of affordable custom-fit. 

The mission Fyous originally set out to complete was to eliminate standard sizing, make custom-fit affordable, and reduce waste. That hasn't changed. However, with everything we have learned since our inception 3 years ago, the path to achieve the mission has changed slightly. 

We plan for this upgrade to take 6 months. Once complete we will focus on servicing the health care industry providing custom-fit parts and products. Initially focusing on outsoles for diabetic medical footwear, then increasing our portfolio to other bespoke products. 

Once we have established a smooth production process and have capacity for custom-fit trainers, we will open up our store once again. So please subscribe below to keep up to date for that moment. 

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