Seasons Greetings from Fyous News!

 Christmastime. Each year, we spend December dedicating endless time, planning, effort (and money) towards the goal of making it perfect. In our case - its just another day at Fyous!

This month's sentiment of dedication best characterises the tireless output from our brilliant team throughout 2022 to bring Fyous out of the Covid-19 era into the ever-growing brand that we will continue to see in 2023. 

We take this opportunity to thank them, and to you our readers, for supporting our custom-fit journey and making our mission possible.


In true Fyous fashion, we’ve already mapped out our best laid plans and resolutions for the year ahead...



The Word is Out!

This month, our brave COO Tom hasn't let a broken hand stop him from spreading the Fyous cheer far and wide! This month he's been on a mission to meet with investors, podiatrists and NHS partners alike to build our network of fellow industry game-changers - all in aid of taking our custom-fit mission to the next level in 2023. We can't wait to make more friends and new introductions over the year to come.




Visit us in-house!

From early next year you will be able to book at our Sheffield HQ to be treated by our In-House Podiatrist. Booking info will be available on our website and social media in the New Year.




Collection 2023

If you've been following our journey on social media, you'll know that 2 NEW footwear styles and a fresh iteration of our trusty Sport 2.0 (creatively named the Sport 3.0) are coming to in 2023.

Can't wait to sink your feet into a pair? Our pre-order system will be going live within the next couple of weeks, enabling you to purchase our new styles in advance. You can read about our 2023 footwear styles below.



Akela is a visually striking concept that transcends the status quo of orthopedic footwear and encapsulates the technological aspect of Fyous, taking aesthetic inspiration from the very engineering process that makes the Ultimate Fit possible. PolyMorphic Moulding, Cloud Point Data and even the Scanning process itself act as visual referencing for the Akela, reflected through phygital, fluid colours and iridescent, censorial materials that aim to complement the specific requirements of each client’s shoes, rather than conform to the reluctant style of dressing as seen in traditional orthopedic footwear.

Mowgli is the considered, minimalist shoe that champions it’s customer’s values. The barefoot shoe for all seasons, Mowgli combines active foot health and innovative material + construction solutions with an aim to reduce carbon footprint and explore the possibilities of applying responsibly engineered materials to its simple design, with resources that renew at a sustainable pace.

Two years ago, we wanted to change the status quo in the footwear industry. Our little brand started off as a blank piece of paper with no knowledge or background in footwear. It allowed us to think in unconventional ways and challenge old archaic ideas and methods. After the success of our Sport 2.0 we wanted to dedicate its feedback into trialling a brand new development - the Fyous Sport 3.0. 

And Finally...

Rumour has it that Fyous has been shortlisted for an award! But we can't tell you what just yet...

All to be revealed in the January edition of Fyous News!



Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2023!

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